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Privacy and Cookies

Privacy and Cookies

Your privacy is important to us. We appreciate the confidence you have in us and are committed to protect and safeguard all personal information you provide. This document explains how we use and manage your personal information and how we use cookies. We also explain how to contact us in case you have questions about your personal data and cookies. will occasionally update this Statement of Privacy and Cookie, therefore visit this page regularly for the latest changes. If you disagree with this Statement of Privacy and Cookie, you should terminate your use of our services.


What kind of personal information used

When you visit our websites we may collect certain information such as your IP address, the browser you are using and the data regarding the operating system of your computer, the version of the application, the language settings and the pages you’ve visited. If you’re using a mobile device, we may also gather data on your device, on settings and features and latitude / longitude.
We may also collect information about you when you use certain services of social media.

Why  collects, uses and shares your personal information?

– Marketing activities: We use your information for marketing activities, to the extent permitted by law. For example:
– With your consent, if required under local law, we may send you a fixed frequency also newsletter by e-mail. At any time you can choose not to receive marketing communications or completely deactivate the reception, using the “Unsubscribe” in every newsletter. You can also manage your subscriptions through your account, if you have created one.
– Based on the information you share with us, you may display advertisements and / or personalized offers on the site, applications for mobile devices or on third-party sites, including social media.
– Detection and Fraud Prevention: We may use your personal information to detect and prevent fraud or other illegal activity or unwanted.
– Improvement of our services: Finally, we use the personal data for analysis, to improve our services, to enrich the user experience and to improve the functionality and quality of our service

How use social media?

We use social media to publicize, improve and make easier our services.
The data you choose to share with us could include the basic information found in your profile on social media, your e-mail address, status updates and your list of friends. This data is required to create customized navigation experience in the app and on the web site. This will make it easier to customize our site according to your needs.
We may also allow you to access the services of  through your social media accounts. The service provider of social media will provide more details on how your data is used and managed in these cases.

How share your data with third parties?
In some cases, we may share your personal information with third parties.

– Third party service providers: We may use third party suppliers of services (for example, data managers) to manage your personal information solely on our behalf. These managers will be required to respect confidentiality agreements and will be prohibited from using your personal information for their own purposes or for any other purpose.
– Competent Authorities: We may share your personal information with law enforcement or other government authorities when required by law or if strictly necessary to prevent, detect or prosecute any criminal acts and fraud.
– Our business partners: we could integrate the services of our business partners in our website or display advertising on our site or on their site. Some partners may receive from us your personal information, if you so request.

How  using mobile devices?

We could also offer app for a wide range of mobile devices and a version of our desktop site optimized for the mobile. These app and mobile site handles your personal data you provide to us in the same way it does for the website. With your consent, we may also send you push notifications.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that a website deposited in the browser of your computer or your mobile device. This Statement of Privacy and Cookie refers to all cookies and similar technologies (from now on all called “cookies”).

Why do you use cookies?

The web pages have no memory. If you browse from page to page within a website, you may not be recognized as the same user in each of the pages. Cookies allow you to be recognized by the website as a unique user. Cookies also allow you to store your choices, such as your preferred language, the currency that you have set and the search criteria. Cookies will also allow you to be recognized on your next visit.

Cookies are all equal?

No, there are various types of cookies and different ways to use them. Cookies are distinguished according to the function performed, their duration and who included them in a website.

How do we use cookies?

Our site can use the following types of cookies:

– Cookie technical: We want to offer our site visitors a cutting-edge and user-friendly, which adjusts itself automatically to their needs and their desires. To make this happen, we use cookies to allow technicians to view our website, to make it work properly. Cookies technicians are indispensable for the proper functioning of our site.
– Functional Cookies: We use cookies to remember your functional preferences and to help you use our website effectively and efficiently. The functional cookies are not essential to the operation of the website, but they add functionality and improve your overall experience.
– Analytical Cookies: We use cookies to better understand analytical how our visitors use the website, to understand what works and what does not, to optimize and improve the site and to ensure that the site is always interesting and relevant. The data that we obtain include the web pages you visit, the pages of output and input, platform type, date and time information and data such as the number of clicks on a given page, mouse movements, scrolling, the words try and texts inserted while using the site. We use cookies analytical also part of our online advertising campaigns, to understand how users interact with our site after viewing an online advertising, including advertising on third-party sites. In any case, we will not know who you are: the data we get are anonymous. Also our business partners may use cookies analytical to know whether their users make use of the integrated offerings on their sites.
– Cookie and commercial use cookies and our third party to display customized advertising on our and other websites. This activity is called “retargeting” and is based on browsing activity. Cookies business could also be used by third parties to show their products and services on our website.

How long they remain active cookies

The cookies we use have a variable duration. The maximum duration, which affects some of our cookies is 1 month since the last visit to the site. At any time you can delete all cookies from your browser by changing the settings.

How can you recognize cookies

You can find our cookie among the settings of your browser.  uses cookies analytical and marketing third party?

Yes,  uses the services of advertising campaigns and online marketing trusted and recognized.  can also use third-party service providers for purposes of analysis. To provide their services, these companies need to place cookies.

The suppliers that we use are committed to raise awareness among consumers and establish practices and standards for business and data management responsible.
Visit to identify the companies advertising NAI members that have placed advertising cookies on your computer. To use the function to opt-out of behavioral advertising program by a member of the NAI and IAB, check the box next to the company that you want to exclude.

To monitor the collection of data for the purpose of analysis by Google Analytics, visit the Browser Add to deactivate Google Analytics.

Who has access to your cookies  can only access the cookie To third-party cookies may access the third party.

How can you change the cookie preferences?

From the settings of your browser (eg Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome) you can determine which cookies you want to receive and which not. To find out where you can find these settings, which may vary depending on the browser used, use the “Help” or Help “of your browser.

If you decide not to accept certain cookies, you may not be able to properly use certain features on our site. In any case, the “Do Not Track” offered by some browser (called “Do Not Track”, “Do not make any tracking” or more depending on the type of browser) may not work on our site. Please also note that if you choose to use the opt-out from an ad network, that does not mean you will not receive, or that you will not be subject to market analysis and online advertisements. It only means that the network will show you that you’re not excluding more advertising based on your preferences and your online behavior.  uses “web beacons”?

In addition to using cookies, sometimes  also makes use of so-called “web beacons”. A web beacon is a small graphic object consisting of a single pixel that comes on your computer as part of a web page or via e-mail in HTML format. We use these pixels directly or through third party suppliers as part of our online advertising, on our website or on those of third parties. The purpose is in general to analyze the online behavior of users, in order to optimize the services that we have.


What kind of security procedures using  to safeguard your personal information?

In accordance with European laws on the protection of personal data, we observe proper procedures to prevent personal information from being accessed without authorization or used improperly.

To protect and safeguard the personal information you provide to us, we use appropriate systems and procedures. In addition, we have implemented and use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions on access and use of personal information on our servers. Access to personal data is allowed only to authorized personnel, and can only be made during the course of their work.

The services offered by Where expressly provided, are not intended for children under 18 years. In that case, the use of our services shall be made with the consent of a parent or guardian. If we receive the information from a child under age 18, we reserve the right to delete them.