Ground trio

A taste of three typical Sicilian specialities like the “Trinacria”: Tomatoes bruschetta, Eggplant rolls and “our Caponata”.


A transversal and everlasting dish of the Sicilian culinary tradition: Rice timbale and a Meat sauce heart.

Scallops au gratin

A very tasty dish thanks to its gentle breading.

Smoked swordfish flakes with orange jelly, little onions and anchovies

Smoked Swordfish and marinated Anchovies with Arugula and Sicilian Oranges, seasoned with Himalaya Pink Salt.

Peppered mussels

The taste of Olbia Mussels, brought out by Garlic, Oil and Lemon.

Cod salad

Boiled Gadus, served with Pachino Tomatoes, Olives and Capers.

Warm seafood salad with oil and lemon

The Mediterranean Sea and the freshness of its products in the dish: Mussels, Clams, Shrimps, Squids, Octopus, Oil and Lemon.

“My Caponata”

Our version of a qualifying dish of the Sicilian cooking: diced Eggplants, Celery, Onion, Olives, Capers, Bitter-sweet sauce, Tomatoes sauce.


Chickpeas flour fritters. Poor food, very tasty and amusing, eaten as “street food”.

Rustic sicilian dish

A tribute to the true flavors of Sicily, as well as great fish, is able to offer the taste and authenticity of the earth: bruschetta tomato, panelle, roulade eggplant caponata and Arancino in one dish.

Anchovies fish-cakes

They represent the typical poor dish, but very tasty too

Octopus with potatoes, olives and dried tomatoes

Octopus served with diced Potatoes, dried Tomatoes and Olives.

Main Courses

Seafood pasta

The real taste of the Sicilian sea in order to make unique the home-made pasta: Mussels, Clams, Squids, Octopus and Shrimps.

Marinara paccheri

Dish served with Seafood, Shell-fishes and Tomatoes: a pleasure for your palate.

Paccheri with swordfish, eggplants and mint

Gragnano Paccheri seasoned with Swordfish ragout and diced Eggplants, brought out by the freshness of Mint.

Norma pasta

Homage to the famous Sicilian composer Vincenzo Bellini’s opera: Pasta with Tomatoes sauce, covered by fried Eggplants slices and slivers of baked Cheese, crowned by a Basil leaf.

Etna pasta

The fire and the warmth of the Sicilian land in a dish: Sepia pasta and Ricotta.

A dish that represents the simple soul of the Sicilian cooking and a little masterpiece of essentiality. It is hard to think about something more effective than a handful of toasted crumb in order to give consistency to oil sauce and salted anchovies.

Pasta with sardines

One of the most important dishes of the Sicilian cooking and fundamental for our restaurant: Pasta, Sardines and wild Fennel.

Pasta with clams

It is a classic dish of the Sicilian culinary tradition, always welcome.

Sicilian pasta

The taste of the best sea Urchins in Sicily and the importance of the home-made pasta merge together into an unique union.

Second Courses

Breaded squids with eggplant pie

Squids, Crumb, flavoured Bread.

Stuffed squids with caponata

Squids with an heart of Carrots, Marrows and Squid tentacles that make the stuffing.

Fish fillet with fennel and tomatoes

Fish fillet (bass), baked, served with Fennels and Pachino Tomatoes.

Mixed fried fish with crisp vegetables

Squids, Shrimps, Cod and Mullets in a mixture of crispness and lightness.

Swordfish rolls with vegetables pie

A tasty and elegant second course that is perfect to match the gentle taste of Swordfish with that one sharp of the stuffing.

Sicilian stuffed

A mixture of Sicilian tastes: beccafico Sardines, Swordfish rolls, stuffed Squids.

Pistachio crusted monk-fish

Monk-fish, chopped Pistachio, Tropea crisp Onion.

Fish of the day stew

Fish fillet, according to the availability of the day, served with Squids, Shrimps and Pachino Tomatoes.

Palermitana swordfish

A tasty version of the classic roasted Swordfish, seasoned by a savoury breading.

Beccafico sardines with eggplant pie

A classic of the Sicilian culinary tradition: Sardines, whose stuffing consists of Crumb, Pine nuts, Sultana and Orange.


Sicilian cannolo

Wafer full of sheep Ricotta that comes from S. Giuseppe Iato (PA).

Sicilian cassata

Traditional and home-made Sponge cake, sheep Ricotta, Chocolate chips, Marzipan, icing Sugar and candied Fruit.

“My vasetto”

Yogurt fluffy mousse, seasonal fresh Fruit, Strawberry sauce, Plum sauce and our Blueberry jam.

Almond pastries

Sicilian typical speciality, ideal to combine with a glass of Pantelleria Passito.


Refreshing, home-made, good to end a dinner, in different flavors: Lemon, Pomegranate, Prickly pear.

Chocolate soufflé

Chocolate pie, Chocolate melting heart, Vanilla cream.

Sicilian Sea Tasting Menu

First starter

Scallops au gratin

Second starter

Smoked swordfish flakes with orange jelly, little onions and anchovies

Third starter

Warm seafood salad with oil and lemon

Fourth starter

Peppered mussels

Main Course

Paccheri with swordfish, eggplants and mint

Second Course

Sicilian stuffed


Cassata or seasonal Sorbet


Water, a bottle of Wine every four people, Coffee

Sicilian Ground Tasting Menu

First starter

Eggplant rolls and bruschetta

Second starter

Caponata with mixed meats

Third starter


Main course

Norma pasta

Second course

Sicilian meat with baked potatoes


Cannolo or seasonal Sorbet


Water, a bottle of Wine every four people, Coffee