Who We Are

Trattoria Siciliana da Salvatore restaurant is situated near Milan Central Station. Our deliberate aim is to introduce our customers to Sicilian food-and-wine tradition, without forgetting the warmth  and the hospitality of our land.

After climbing a flight of stairs, it is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to Sicily, suspended between tradition and modernity: a wide and bright room is furnished according to the Sicilian tradition, which is well represented by Caltagirone and Santo Stefano di Camastra ceramics, but also by “pupi” and carts.

Let you lead through the tastes of Sicilian land, beginning with “anchovies fish-cakes”, going on with “pasta ca’ muddica” and “Norma pasta”, without renouncing “the Sicilian stuffed”, and ending with cassata, cannolo and almond pastries.

A good bottle of wine, chosen from a wide list, which is marked by Sicilian character, will take you along this path of taste.

Trattoria Siciliana da Salvatore can boast a family management: Salvatore, who is the chef and founder, is able to revisit the culinary tradition thank to his personal touch; Rita, his wife, tries to transmit the Sicilian warmth and to suggest, in order to satisfy as much as possible customers’ tastes, requests and needs; Alfredo, their son, who is the future in continuity with tradition.

Freshness of products, careful choice of raw materials, attention to details, craft realization and production of everything that deals with our courses, devotion and passion: these are our “keywords” and this is what we want you to offer, if you will decide to start this trip through Sicilian food-and-wine tradition.


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